Elounda, Crete

We drove to Elounda for the last week of our Crete holiday at Elounda Gulf Villas, following a four-night sojourn in the hillside village of Kapsaliana, near Rethymnon. It’s on the eastern end of this fabulous island, the richness of whose countryside quite took me by surprise. We were both in a very relaxed mood... Continue Reading →

Elounda Gulf Villas

Glancing through my site, you see that 95% of my blogs are about places we have visited, not accommodation we have stayed in. The exceptions are usually when we’ve stayed in hotels that are so superb that I feel I have to say more. Elounda Gulf Villas is an example of this. If you are... Continue Reading →

Chania, Crete

For me, Greece has three potential appeals; classical history, the seaside, and traditional culture. Chania has all three but is a massive winner on the last item. There is a reasonable beach in town, and archaeological sites in the area. But, with its extensive warren of an old town and large picturesque (Venetian) harbour, Chania... Continue Reading →


As we pull off the M6 motorway and head out towards the South Lakes, the usual phrase forms in my mind; ‘why don’t we come here more often?’ We usually visit once a year, sometimes more. Yet, I feel I am guilty of neglecting a treasure on my doorstep, whilst I so frequently fly abroad... Continue Reading →


Puerto Mogan in Gran Canaria is the most charming, most relaxing resort that I have been to in the Canary Islands. Of course, I haven’t been everywhere in the Canaries, but I’ve been there a lot. For me, Mogan takes the prize as the most chic place to stay. It’s classy. I should know, I’m... Continue Reading →

Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria

I very rarely book a package holiday but Jet2’s prices for a four-night jaunt to Puerto Rico in Gran Canaria could not be bettered at £520 for B&B, including flights and luggage. Their service at Manchester airport was very good too and we were through security in no time. I took my guitar to do... Continue Reading →

Puglia; Otranto, Lecce, and Ostuni

The Puglia region covers the ‘heel’ of Italy and we flew to Brindisi in the southerly part of that region. Our itinerary had us staying in three places and we headed off to Otranto, the most southerly of those when we (finally) landed. I’ll cover all three places in one blog. A shortage of baggage... Continue Reading →


We flew from Manchester with Ryanair to Charleroi Airport. Much cheaper prices than flying to Brussels proper, but this meant we had to get a coach into the city. Prices are typically £80 - £100 return for the flights. The (delayed) flight only took an hour, but we waited longer than that for our Flibco... Continue Reading →

Tarragona, Spain

We flew to Reus from Liverpool, and it was a mellow, pleasant experience, as usual. With far fewer flights than stressed out, busy Manchester it’s a great option. When looking for holidays nowadays, ‘can we fly from Liverpool’ is a key question that influences our choice. Queues are rare and there are sufficient bars and... Continue Reading →

Bellagio, Lake Como

We flew into Milan from Cyprus, having spent a week in Paphos and made our journey to Lake Como via bus, train and ferry. You know you’re in Italy when there’s a guy on a monocycle in the middle of the road, while the traffic lights are on red, juggling some clubs to earn a... Continue Reading →

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